Make a Splash at Your Pool Party with Stylish, Shatterproof Glasses

At the height of summer, pool parties are at the height of their popularity. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool at home (like more than 10 million householders in the US) or are making the most of a luxury villa’s stunning facilities on vacation. Float along on a lilo, recline on a sun-lounger or splash about playing pool games. Make wonderful memories with loved ones as you sip chilled drinks and chill out. There can be few more enjoyable ways to spend a sun-drenched afternoon or warm, moonlit evening.


Whatever the setting for your pool party, you’ll want to ensure that it’s a stylish – and safe – event for everyone. It’s a good idea to check that lifeguards are on duty if you’re planning a get-together at a hotel pool or similar venue. If using a residential pool instead, you could hire a lifeguard or ask strong swimmers to keep a clear head and supervise the fun. Always ensure that floatation aids are within easy reach. Choosing light snacks rather than heavy meals, staying well hydrated and enjoying alcohol in moderation will help you to remain at your best.

Step by Step

Safer Than Glass and Wonderfully Chic

When serving everything from sangria to sparkling water, you need drinkware that won’t cause poolside problems. Ordinary, fragile glasses and hard surfaces, such as the tiles around the edge of a swimming pool, are a hazardous combination. Someone drops a drink, and suddenly razor-sharp fragments of glass are flying everywhere… That’s never more dangerous than when partygoers are wearing sandals and flip-flops or have bare feet.

Durable drinkware designed for outdoor use is a pool party essential. Brand new for this summer are our innovative Oktett Durable Glasses and Pavina Outdoor Double Wall Tumblers. Sparkling in the sunlight or under the stars, these cool, contemporary drinkware collections look almost identical to glass but are far safer, as they’re made of high-quality, shatterproof plastic. So you can enjoy peace of mind without compromising on style.

What’s more, our outdoor drinkware manages to be superbly strong without being ‘clunky’. Pick up a glass or tumbler and you’ll marvel at how comfortable to hold and lightweight it is.


Outdoor Drinkware for Poolside Cocktails and More

The Oktett range is ideal if your favourite poolside drink is a cocktail (or non-alcoholic ‘mocktail’), as it features appealingly curvy Margarita Glasses and chic, conical Martini Glasses. If you’ll be popping corks at your pool party, the sophisticated Champagne Coupe Glasses (also called champagne saucers) will bring a touch of luxury to proceedings.

Strike an informal tone with Pavina Outdoor drinkware – it’s incredibly versatile and exudes casual elegance. The medium-sized tumblers, for example, are excellent all-rounders. The whole collection is perfect not only for pool parties but also everyday use in your garden or home. Thanks to the insulating double wall design, chilled and hot drinks will stay at their ideal temperature for longer. Another benefit is that each tumbler is produced as one complete piece – that ensures they’re all leak-proof and no liquid passes between the layers.


Robust, Reusable, Recyclable

Our outdoor glasses and tumblers will still look crystal clear after numerous uses. You can drink from them and put them in the dishwasher again and again, all summer long and beyond, without any worries. They won’t crack or go cloudy.

As this first-class drinkware is long-lasting and reliable, it’s a fantastic, more eco-friendly alternative to single-use items such as flimsy paper cups. So you can make taste, not waste, by the pool.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously at Bodum®, which is why the tumblers benefit from a sustainable production process and the glasses are recyclable.


Perfect Pool Party Accessories

Our durable Oktett and Pavina Outdoor drinkware is an asset to any pool party. You could reach for these glasses and tumblers when you’re in the hot tub and after a sauna too.

You’ll find many more items designed to make outdoor entertaining easy and elegant on the Bodum® website, including the superb Cool Ice Bucket (it stays true to its name!), Melior® Bar Set (with every tool of the trade) and Bistro Water Carafe (a great, green choice).

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