Recapture the Spirit of Summer With This White Wine Sangria Recipe

6 to 8 serves

25 min



  • 2 unwaxed limes
  • 1 unwaxed lemon
  • 1 ½ tbsp. fresh ginger root, peeled and grated
  • 12 ice cubes
  • Small handful of fresh mint
  • Two handfuls of fresh strawberries
  • 700ml white wine, chilled
  • 400ml ginger ale, chilled
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Recapture the Spirit of Summer With This White Wine Sangria Recipe

If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer and accept the arrival of autumn, you’ll love our simple yet stylish sangria recipe. Thanks to the delightful combination of white wine, juicy fruit and other reinvigorating ingredients, this aromatic alcoholic drink will help you to recapture the spirit of balmy beach holidays. White wine sangria brings bursts of colour and flavour to dark, autumnal evenings and makes a great addition to grown-up Halloween parties.

Spain’s most famous beverage has been popular for hundreds of years. Many versions of sangria exist, but the basic elements are wine and fruit; ingredients to make the drink sweeter and fizzy are often added too, as are herbs and spices. Traditionally, sangria is made with red wine – using white wine instead offers a refreshing twist on a classic.

White wine sangria (or sangria blanca, as it’s known in Spanish) is ideal if you find the sharp, full-bodied taste associated with many red wines overpowering. What’s more, if serving sangria with or after a light meal (for example, steamed fish and vegetables), you’ll find that a white wine-based recipe is more likely to complement the food than one calling for a bottle of red.

What’s the best kind of white wine for this sangria blanca? Look for a non-sweet variety, such as a dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc. That’ll help to ensure the wine works well alongside the zingy citrus fruit and counterbalances the sweetness of the ginger ale and strawberries. The inclusion of warming ginger juice is a subtle nod to autumnal temperatures!

Step by Step
  • Wash and dry the limes and lemon then slice them thinly. Place the slices in a punch bowl or pitcher. (The large, plastic Bodum® Ceylon jug is ideal when preparing and serving this sangria. It has a generous 3L capacity so can comfortably hold all of the ingredients. Simply remove the jug’s filter first.)
  • Using a ginger press or fine sieve and spoon, apply pressure to the ginger root in order to squeeze out the juice and collect it in a bowl. Pour the juice over the sliced limes and lemon.
  • Add the ice cubes (we’ve suggested 12, but you may prefer to add slightly more or less, depending on how cold you’d like the sangria to be and the size of your chosen punch bowl or pitcher). Wash and dry the mint then gently pull the leaves off the stems. Discard the stems and sprinkle the leaves over the sliced limes and lemon, ginger juice and ice cubes. Wash and dry the strawberries; set aside one for each glass you intend to use for your guests, and then thinly slice the rest. Add the slices to the punch bowl or pitcher.
  • Add the white wine followed by the ginger ale (pouring slowly in a circular motion helps to ensure that the ice cubes and other ingredients are evenly covered). Stir the sangria gently with a long-handled wooden or plastic spoon.
  • With a small, sharp knife, make an incision in each of the remaining strawberries from the bottom to halfway up the fruit. You can then slide a strawberry onto the side of each glass to create a fun, edible decoration. Serve the sangria – and enjoy!
    Top tip: if you don’t intend to serve all of the sangria at once, why not keep a full Bodum® Cool ice bucket with tongs close to the punch bowl or pitcher? That’ll help you to keep the drink fresh and chilled for longer.

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