Introducing the Bodum Soul of Slow Coffee Series: Inspiration from Coffee Lovers

If you’d like to cultivate a life-enhancing habit in the New Year, our new Soul of Slow Coffee series is sure to inspire you. The uplifting videos feature some of our favourite coffee experts and enthusiasts, who reveal their preferred brewing methods and explain why slow coffee has such a positive impact on their morning routine.


Our inspiring interviewees come from different walks of life, but they all agree that enjoying the perfect cup of joe is the perfect way to embark on a productive day. How you spend your morning matters, not least because it has a profound effect on your mood. Brewing and sipping coffee when you wake up can be a wonderfully calming ritual.

Another major advantage of slow coffee is that it’s more eco-friendly than takeaway drinks. It enables you to minimise waste while maximising the flavour and quality of every cup. 

In a nutshell, slow coffee nourishes your soul, enriches your daily life and protects the environment. Those are three compelling reasons to ‘go slow’ in 2019. For more insights into home-brewed coffee culture, why not check out our Soul of Slow Coffee videos?

Melissa Male Loves ‘to Give Back to the Environment’ with Slow Coffee

For the first video in our series, you’re invited to content creator Melissa Male’s stylish New York apartment. Melissa is passionate about slow coffee, slow living and sustainability. Brewing coffee shortly after she gets up helps this keen writer and photographer to ensure that her day gets off to the best possible start.

Melissa favours the French press brewing method – you’ll spot the popular Bodum Chambord® coffee maker in the video. She simply pours hot water over freshly ground beans, lets the coffee brew for several minutes, and then lowers the plunger.

Enjoying ‘a clean, slow, quality cup of coffee at home’, in Melissa’s words, gives her the chance to pause and reflect before a busy day. What’s more, being able to avoid single-use filters and capsules gives Melissa peace of mind. 

When it's time for her to head out, our eco-friendly travel mugs are ideal.

Jai Lott Highlights the ‘Brilliance’ of Bodum Coffee Makers

Having been immersed in coffee culture for over 15 years, Jai Lott describes himself as ‘a self-confessed coffee nerd’. Jai began his career as a barista and is now coffee director at Bluestone Lane, the Australian-inspired coffee shop and café brand taking the US by storm.

Brewing and drinking delicious slow coffee at home is one of Jai’s favourite morning rituals. In the second video in our series, he praises ‘the brilliance of the Bodum Pour Over’. It enables Jai to make his all-important morning coffee with ease and precision. Freshly ground beans, hot water, a filter and a carafe is all he needs for the perfect cup of joe.

Jai appreciates being able to reduce his impact on the environment by making slow coffee without creating excess waste. He makes his morning routine even greener by drinking from our reusable travel mug with a natural cork sleeve when on the move.

Mache Barwinski Believes ‘Cold Brew is the Perfect Coffee’ for Chilled Mornings

Our third Soul of Slow Coffee video features Mache Barwinski, the founder of trendsetting sparkling coffee company Upruit. Mache has made a name for himself by combining cold brew coffee with ingredients such as fruit juice and carbonated water to create unique craft energy drinks.

Thanks to our Bean cold brew ice coffee maker, he enjoys satisfying slow coffee straight from the fridge at home. That saves Mache precious time every morning and helps him to focus on creative pursuits, such as writing music and developing ideas for Upruit.

This coffee connoisseur’s brewing habits are influenced by his commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our motto – make taste, not waste – strikes a chord with Mache. ‘Bodum’s ethos is really something that my company and myself get behind.’

Ryan Glick Explains How Slow Coffee Has ‘Changed the Game’

As the founder and creative director of Coffee ‘n Clothes, Ryan Glick creates stylish experiences centred on his favourite beverage, from designer pop-up shops to social media campaigns.

In our fourth video, Ryan emphasises that his chic Bodum French press enables him to make reinvigorating coffee in style in the comfort of his own home. Brewing slow coffee has transformed Ryan’s morning routine – it’s ‘changed the game’, in his words. Instead of rushing out to buy takeaway coffee, he can make delicious drinks in minutes. Ryan saves time and money while helping to save the environment. 

Before diving into his busy schedule, this innovative entrepreneur gets to enjoy excellent, eco-friendly coffee, as well as peace and quiet. What could be better?

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