How Tea Rejuvenates Your Skin and Relaxes Your Mind

1 serve

5-10 min


Vanilla Tea

· 6 oz/180 ml freshly brewed tea
· 2 tbsp. milk
· 1 tbsp. sugar or honey
· ½ tsp. ground cinnamon
· ½ tsp. vanilla extract

Tea Latte

· 2 tsp. tea leaves
· 2 oz/60 ml freshly boiled water
· 6 oz/180 ml milk
· 2 tsp. sugar or honey

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How Tea Rejuvenates Your Skin and Relaxes Your Mind

Green Tea is a Skincare Superhero

Green tea improves skin in several important ways, helping to restore a healthy glow. It removes excess oil and reduces oily excretions, helps to keep skin hydrated and contains vitamin B-2, which supports collagen production and so is linked to supple skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Green tea’s antioxidants can protect and rejuvenate skin cells. In addition, its naturally astringent tannins make pores less visible.
You can even use green tea leaves as a gentle exfoliator when showering to encourage skin cell renewal.

Other Teas Can Boost Skin Health Too

· Black tea is also rich in antioxidants and helps to combat the signs of aging. It’s packed with skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, while its anti-viral properties reduce the likelihood of skin infections.

· Kombucha fermented tea boasts a range of B vitamins to help you achieve brighter, firmer skin. It can protect cells and remove toxins too.

· Matcha tea is bursting with nutrients, so is great for nourishing skin. It has 20 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and its high chlorophyll levels tackle toxins. With superb anti-inflammatory action, it can combat red, blotchy skin too.

· Chamomile (also called camomile) tea is ideal for soothing puffy eyes, irritated skin or sunburn. Its antiseptic action can make spots disappear faster.

· Jasmine tea is a great option if your skin is too oily, as it’s associated with a reduction in oil production. Its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action helps you to safeguard skin health.

· Rooibos (also called red bush) tea has long been used by people with acne and eczema – it contains zinc, which helps to reduce oiliness and heal skin. It also contains superoxide dismutase, an enzyme believed to hinder the development of wrinkles.

· Ginger tea acts as an anti-inflammatory, so is also effective against acne, and can improve skin’s elasticity. It supports healthy digestion – your skin always looks best when you feel good inside!

Step by Step

Treat Yourself to These Comforting Teas

After you’ve pampered your skin, it’s time to curl up on the sofa with a comforting hot drink. Sipping sweet vanilla tea or marvellously milky tea latte is the perfect conclusion to a pampering session and a pleasant way to relax and unwind anytime. You can even enjoy these tea-based treats if you avoid cow’s milk, as they taste just as good with dairy-free alternatives such as almond, cashew, coconut and soya milk.

Why not make preparing an indulgent tea-based beverage part of your self-care routine? Following our two tea recipes will help you to take your mind off any worries you may have. What’s more, the elegant Bodum® Tea Presses and Teapots can be relied on to transform the simple, everyday ritual of brewing tea into a truly special, enjoyable experience.

Our Assam Tea Press with Bamboo Handle is a real showstopper. It benefits from the French press system, so you can brew amazing tea with precision, and is suitable for a wide range of teas, including black, white, green and herbal varieties. You can use teabags in the tea press, but we suggest trying loose tea leaves instead – they provide fresher, fuller flavours. 

Top tip: Black and herbal teas respond well to water that’s at boiling point or just below. Let freshly boiled water rest for a few minutes before brewing delicate white or green teas; the ideal water temperature range for them is 170-185°F/77-85°C. Brewing times vary greatly, so it’s best to follow the instructions on the packaging.

How to Make Vibrant Vanilla Tea

This easy vanilla tea recipe combines sweetness with warm, spicy notes. That makes it a fantastic choice when you want a hot drink on a chilly autumn day.
Which tea should you use for this aromatic treat? We suggest one with a hint of citrus – Earl Grey tea, which is flavoured with bergamot oil, works well.

Pour the tea into a stylish cup or glass, such as our Assam Small Tea Glass with Handle. Next add the milk and stir with a non-scratch spoon. Add the sugar or honey (the latter provides a richer flavour and antioxidant boost) and stir until dissolved. The cinnamon and vanilla provide the perfect finishing touch. Stir thoroughly then enjoy!

Three Steps to a Terrific Tea Latte

Tea latte offers an inspiring twist on a classic coffee-based drink, caffè latte. Their milky richness makes lattes incredibly moreish!

Look for tea with a strong taste that won’t be overwhelmed by the milk (rooibos and matcha are good examples). Our tea latte recipe requires more tealeaves and less water than an ordinary cup of tea. You’re aiming for a bold brew that’s suitable for diluting.

1. Steep the tealeaves in the water for several minutes to produce a concentrated tea.
2. In the meantime, simmer the milk then carefully froth it until light and foamy. Our Schiuma Milk Frother is invaluable here. It’s battery-operated for your convenience.
3. Pour the tea into a large glass or mug (the Bodum® Canteen Large Double Wall Cup is ideal, as it’ll keep your drink hotter for longer than ordinary drinkware and has plenty of room for milk foam!). Stir in the sugar or honey then slowly add the milk.

That’s it – three steps to a satisfying tea latte!

Everything a Tea Lover Needs

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