Intense Irish Coffee: Speciality Coffees for a Special Occasion

Recipe Info

4 people

15 minutes



  • 34 oz. coffee
  • 12 brown sugar cubes
  • 4 oz. Irish whiskey
  • 12 oz. lightly whipped cream

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Intense Irish Coffee: Speciality Coffees for a Special Occasion

If you’re planning to be hosting Christmas at home this year, your thoughts are surely filled with the delicious meal you’ll serve and the wonderful people you’ll share it with.

Appreciating loved ones, food, drink and material comforts is at the heart of this celebration. Just like any festive occasion, coffee brings family and friends together and encourages enjoyable conversations. A cup of speciality coffee, including a drop of alcohol, is the perfect way for each adult at your table to conclude one of the most important meals of the year.

Warm, sweetened coffee and whiskey meets cool cream, creating a beverage that’s both comforting and refreshing.

Step by Step

  • Warm four large Canteen Double Wall glasses – they’re ideal when you want to sip your Irish coffee slowly, savouring every mouthful. That’s because they’ll keep the drink at its optimum temperature for longer than ordinary, single-walled glasses can.
  • Pour out the coffee until the glasses are three-quarters full. Add the sugar cubes then stir thoroughly with a plastic or wooden spoon until they’ve dissolved.
  • Add the whiskey and stir again.
  • Top each drink with the whipped cream (pouring it slowly over the back of a spoon will ensure that it stays on the surface).
  • Enjoy! All of us here at Bodum wish you a happy – and tasty – Christmas!

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