Stay Cool in the Sun with Our Chic Chilled Coffee Recipes

1 serve

5-20 min



Iced Coffee Soda

  • Two large handfuls of ice cubes
  • 8 oz./240 ml club soda
  • 1 oz./30 ml vanilla syrup (optional)
  • 1 oz./30 ml espresso shot or cold brew coffee concentrate
  • A twist of unwaxed lemon zest or lemon slice, to garnish

Iced Coffee & Orange Dream

  • 2 medium unwaxed oranges
  • 8 oz./240 ml water
  • 2 oz./60 g powdered sugar (also called icing sugar), sifted
  • 6 ½ oz./200 ml freshly brewed coffee, cooled
  • Two large handfuls of ice cubes, crushed
  • A generous drizzle of whipped cream
  • Cookie crumbs, to garnish
  • Chopped nuts, to garnish

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Stay Cool in the Sun with Our Chic Chilled Coffee Recipes

This summer, create an outstanding drinks menu for your outdoor events by whipping up our chic chilled coffees. Both the iced coffee soda and iced coffee & orange dream are perfect for pool parties, BBQs in the great outdoors and al fresco dining. They’re sophisticated enough to impress your guests yet can be made in minutes.

The beauty of these refreshing coffee creations is that they give soft drinks an elegant, grown-up edge. Why serve an ordinary glass of soda or orange juice when you can blend those ingredients with delicious coffee to make extraordinary beverages instead? Sip an iced coffee soda or iced coffee & orange dream to feel reinvigorated while keeping a clear head (that’s particularly helpful when you want to be an attentive host or hostess).

Coffee sodas are increasingly fashionable – they’ve even been discussed by Vogue magazine. For our iced coffee soda recipe, you can choose between punchy espresso (resulting in ‘espressoda’!) and smooth cold brew. It’s easy to brew coffee like a pro with our sleek Chambord® Espresso Maker or Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker. We recommend club soda: it has a richer mineral content than standard carbonated water, which enhances its taste and effervescence, making it essential to superb sparkling coffee.

For a chilled coffee creation that’s part drink, part dessert, try the iced coffee & orange dream recipe. It’s particularly well suited to tropical-themed celebrations, and really captures summer’s spirit of fun. Coffee and orange might strike you as an unusual combination until you realise that coffee beans derive from a fruit, the coffee cherry. Put your preferred coffee maker into action, pick up a couple of juicy oranges and you’ll soon be sipping an unforgettable treat!

When decorating the drink, you’ll find that the chocolaty flavour of hazelnuts, as well as cookies made with chocolate chips, will complement the taste of both coffee and orange.

For best results on particularly hot days, chill the glasses in which you’ll serve these delicious coffee-based beverages in your refrigerator before use.


Step by Step

Iced Coffee Soda

1. Select a stylish, tall glass (look for one with a capacity of at least 12 oz./350 ml) and fill it with the ice cubes. The ice should almost reach the glass’s brim.

Top tip: Generously sized Bodum® glasses, such as the chic, curved Pilatus Medium Double Wall Glass or attractively angular Titlis Medium Double Wall Glass, are ideal for serving iced coffees. The double wall design stops ice cubes melting quickly and keeps chilled beverages at their optimum temperature for longer.

2. Pour the club soda over the ice cubes, followed by the vanilla syrup (if you’ve chosen to use it). Stir well with a non-scratch drinks stirrer – the smooth, long-handled Bistro Spoon is an excellent choice.

3. If the liquid is very close to the top of the glass, you may want to remove a couple of ice cubes to ensure there’s enough room for the next ingredient: the espresso or cold brew. This step is particularly important if using espresso, as it’ll melt some of the ice.

4. After pouring the coffee over the ice cubes, give the drink a final stir. Garnish your iced coffee soda with the lemon.


Iced Coffee & Orange Dream

1. Rinse and dry the oranges. Remove the zest then extract the juice, setting the latter aside for now.

2. Place the zest in a saucepan. Add the water and sugar. Stir the mixture then bring it to the boil on your hob. Simmer for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Check whether all of the sugar has dissolved; if not, simmer a little longer.

3. Take the resulting orange syrup off the heat. Filter it to remove the zest then allow it to cool. Combine the coffee with the cooled syrup and juice. Stir well with a fork.

Top tip: For optimum freshness, you could brew and cool the coffee while the syrup is cooling rather than before starting the recipe.

4. Add the ice to an attractive, large glass, such as our perfectly proportioned Pavina® Large Double Wall Glass or streamlined Bistro Large Double Wall Glass. Pour the liquid over the ice. Top your iced coffee & orange dream with the cream, cookie crumbs and nuts.

Stylish Entertaining All Summer Long

For more chilled coffee drinks you can enjoy all summer long, check out the recipes for perfect coffee martinis elsewhere on our blog.

What’s more, you’ll find lots of stylish items for outdoor entertaining on our website.

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