Simple, Practical Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organised This Spring

Spring is in the air, so why not celebrate this fresh new season with a fresh new look for your kitchen, the centre of your home?


Today’s kitchens are hives of activity. As well as cooking and eating meals there, you probably use your kitchen for baking, hosting coffee mornings, listening to the radio, helping your kids with their homework, leafing through recipe books, playing board games, puzzling over crosswords in the Sunday newspapers, checking emails, and more.

It’s all too easy for such a busy area to become disorganised. If clutter is causing chaos in your kitchen, tackling the problem might seem like a difficult or overwhelming task, but don’t worry. Restoring order can be relatively straightforward, as the following kitchen organisation guide makes clear.

There are plenty of practical steps you can take to make the most of your kitchen’s available space and get the most out of the time you spend in there, especially when it comes to preparing and sharing delicious food and drink. There are few activities more enjoyable than sitting around the kitchen table with loved ones, after all.

Keep Counters under Control

The space provided by your kitchen counters is precious, so you want to use it wisely. An excellent way to avoid cluttering it up is to choose multi-purpose kitchenware. Take the smart, sturdy Bodum® Bistro Bread Box, for example. It can be relied on to store bread and keep it fresh, while the lid doubles as a cutting board.
Another tip is to evaluate the electrical appliances you currently have on display. If any are clunky, outdated or rarely used, store them out of sight or replace them. Compact yet powerful appliances designed for frequent use, such as our Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder, are much better suited to this area of your kitchen.
Talking of coffee, you can make your kitchen easier to use and more inviting by creating a countertop ‘coffee station’. Grouping your beans, grinder, kettle, coffee maker, mugs and related items together will make brewing and serving your favourite hot drink even simpler.
Matching items, such as our Yokhi Storage Jars, will give your counters a streamlined appearance. What’s more, the white Bistro grinder mentioned above goes perfectly with other kitchen essentials, including the chic Bistro Utensil Holder and Bistro Cutting Boards Set.

Declutter Drawers with Ease

Expandable drawer dividers for cutlery and other accessories are brilliant if your drawers are longer or wider than average. They can be adjusted to fit each one perfectly, ensuring that no space is wasted.
When organising your drawers, you’ll probably discover duplicate items, such as multiple corkscrews or oven gloves. Don’t feel obliged to hang on to everything. For each kind of item, keep the one you most like to use and donate the others to a good cause.
Make space in drawers by mounting an ergonomic Bistro Knife Holder on the wall. It’s the ideal home for your bread knife, carving knife, paring knife and more. Not only will your knives be easier to access when you’re cooking than if they were in drawers but, high on the wall, they’ll also be safely out of the reach of children.

Transform Chaotic Cupboards

If your cupboards are full of open food packets, Bodum® Bag Clips can be invaluable. They keep food wrappers securely fastened and the contents fresh.
For each cupboard that contains food, write a list of what’s inside and stick it to the back of the door. Finding ingredients for recipes will be easier, and by crossing off items as you use them, you’ll always know what to stock up on at the supermarket.
Discard chipped or cracked crockery and give away pieces that are in good condition but you don’t enjoy using. Place your most versatile items, such as the durable Douro Porcelain Bowls, on the bottom shelf of a cupboard so that you always have them to hand. Storing plates vertically in a rack rather than in piles makes reaching for the ones you want simple.
Maximise shelf space with shelf inserts, as well as racks mounted on the back of cupboard doors. The latter are ideal for small jars and packets.
For a quirky kitchen storage solution, screw the metal lids of mason jars to the underside of a wall-mounted cupboard. Fill the jars with dried foods and twist them tightly into the lids. Now you have an eye-catching row of ‘floating’ jars!

Eliminate Untidiness Elsewhere

Stackable storage options (our Nissen Wine Rack is a great example) can be a real asset to your kitchen, especially if space is at a premium.
How can you stop open shelves looking cluttered? The answer is to use roomy rattan baskets to store recipe books, magazines, kitchen roll, etc. and reduce ‘visual noise’.
Even your refrigerator can help you to organise your kitchen. Transfer spices to magnetic tins for a side-of-fridge storage solution that’ll add splashes of colour to the room. Fantastic!

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