Why Great Coffee Tastes Even Better in Great Glasses

If you’re a fan of slow coffee, you’ll appreciate the importance of freshly ground beans, freshly boiled water and a high-quality coffee maker. Those three elements bring out the best in each other and so are invaluable when you want a delicious cup of joe.
The beauty of brewing coffee is that it encourages you to savour every mouthful and every moment, enhancing everyday life. What’s more, you can make your slow coffee experience even more special by giving thought to not only how you brew your favourite beverage but also how you serve it. As slow coffee lovers ourselves, we know that the quality of the glass or other vessel you drink from is just as important as the quality of its contents.


Superb slow coffee calls for superb drinkware. That’s why we design and produce our coffee glasses, as well as our other drinkware, to the very highest standards.

With glorious summer days on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start serving slow coffee in style. Imagine relaxing on the patio, with Bodum® glasses gracing the table, and really making the most of coffee’s captivating taste and aroma.

Step by Step
Let Your Coffee's Flavour Profile Shine

We make glasses from borosilicate glass, one of our signature materials, as it has a number of clear advantages for coffee connoisseurs and fans of other delicious drinks, such as tea.

Borosilicate glass can withstand extremes of temperature. That makes it brilliantly versatile (many of our glasses are suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer) and the perfect companion for all hot and cold beverages. It’s non-stain, durable and won’t go cloudy, so you can look forward to many years of use from your drinkware. What’s more, borosilicate glass’s neutral taste means that it won’t impair or change the flavour of your drinks. In a nutshell, it’ll allow coffee’s delightful flavour profile to shine.

This fantastic material is also used to produce our stylish coffee makers' carafes, terrific transparent tea presses and teapotsattractive water carafes (a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles) and many other items. A highlight is the Mocca Vacuum Coffee Maker, which brings together borosilicate glass and 100% natural, sustainable cork, strengthening our commitment to green lifestyles.

Keep Drinks at Their Optimum Temperature

This year, we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of our double wall glasses. They’re among our most popular products and have won multiple awards.

The glasses’ innovative double wall design creates a layer of insulation to keep hot and cold drinks at their desired temperature for longer. That makes drinking coffee or other beverages more enjoyable. The eye-catching design also increases the drink’s visual appeal, which is ideal when you’re entertaining guests at a summer garden party or similarly stylish occasion.

Double wall glasses help you to make taste, not waste. There’s no need to boil the kettle again when your glass is doing such a good job of keeping your coffee warm! Plus, the glasses’ exterior stays cool to the touch even when the drinks are piping hot. 

Perhaps your favourite kind of java isn’t hot at all and instead is prepared using our chic Bean Cold Brew Coffee Makers. With double wall glasses, there’ll be no nuisance condensation to damage your table or make the exterior too slippery to grip safely.

We place a small (and rather clever) silicone vent at the base of each glass to ensure that the air pressure between the two layers is equal to the external air pressure, without any liquid getting trapped. The glasses therefore self-adjust when they encounter different drinks and environments, leaving you free to focus on enjoying yourself. We call them glasses that ‘breathe’.

Another benefit of our double wall glasses is that they’re individually mouth-blown by expert artisans. Produced with great skill, they’re certain to improve day-to-day life.

Choose the Ideal Style for Your Taste

Our drinkware encompasses a variety of shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find glasses to suit your taste. For example, Pavina® glasses embody contemporary chic, the angular Titlis glasses are strikingly modern and Pilatus glasses have a quirky charm.

Helpfully, our glasses are available in several sizes (compare the petite 0.1l (3 oz) Canteen glass to the tall 0.4l (13 oz) glass in the same range, for instance), so you can pick the perfect one for your preferred serving size. You can also select glasses with or without handles.

Whichever Bodum® glasses you choose, you can be confident that they unite form and function. That’s because they’re designed to be ergonomic, comfortable to hold and pleasurable to drink from, while showcasing Scandinavian style.

Beautiful Drinkware That Performs Brilliantly

Another benefit of keeping our drinkware on hand, especially in the summer, is that many of the glasses are ideal for serving not only your favourite drinks but your favourite desserts too! Why not try a refreshing ice cream sundae in a large Pavina® glass?

We’d love to hear how Bodum® glasses help you to serve your guests in style, so feel free to get in touch on our Facebook page.

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