Simple Tips and Tricks for the Perfect BBQ

Having a BBQ party is unique among culinary experiences: it not only brings people closer together but also makes them feel closer to nature.
Barbecuing is one of the most popular styles of cooking, particularly in the US (where 75% of adults own a BBQ), Jamaica, Brazil, Australia and the UK. For many people, summer is quite simply ‘BBQ season’ – the chance to enjoy delicious meals with a distinctive, smoky flavour in stunning settings


If you can’t wait to get grilling in the great outdoors, this BBQ guide is for you. Our simple tips and tricks will help you to make your barbecued meals even better.

Step by Step
Take Barbecuing Beyond Your Back Garden

When choosing the perfect backdrop for your BBQ party, let your sense of adventure inspire you. Barbecues are a familiar sight in backyards, but it can be rewarding to look beyond your lawn or patio. You could barbecue in the park, by a tranquil stream, at a scenic picnic spot or on the beach. Grilling outdoors is ideal on camping and caravanning holidays. Try a tailgate party for a taste of American BBQ culture.

Conventional barbecues can be cumbersome, but our compact Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Grill is specially designed for barbecuing on the go in style. Thanks to its sturdy tripod base, the grill is suitable for use on most outdoor surfaces. It’s small enough to suit a bijou holiday apartment’s balcony but large enough to cook four burgers at once.

As the grill is portable and practical, why not take two on your travels – one for meat and another for vegetarian options, for example? When choosing what to cook, it pays to be inventive. Juicy cuts of meat are a firm favourite at BBQ parties, but many other foods – chicken wings, salmon fillets, vegetable skewers and more – also taste great grilled. You could even round off the meal with grilled watermelon.

Pick the Right Tools to Grill Food to Perfection

Did you know that lightly oiling your grill’s cooking rack makes light work of turning and flipping the food you’ll subsequently place on it? Vegetable oil is ideal, thanks to its high smoke point. Fold up an old, clean tea towel, grip it with tongs, dip it in a little oil (make sure it’s not dripping) then wipe it gently over the rack. As well as making the cooking simpler, the oil will accentuate the food’s grill lines, making your meal even more appetising.

To help you grill like a pro, we’ve produced a superb selection of BBQ utensils. Highlights include the Fyrkat Nipper (for picking up meat or fish with the care it deserves), Oil Brush (applies oils, sauces, glazes, etc. easily and evenly for richer flavours), Two-Pronged Fork (handy for cooking or serving) and Tweezers (giving you greater control over sausages or other hard-to-grip BBQ foods). Our grill tools’ heat-resistant silicone protects your fingers while you’re busy barbecuing. What’s more, they’re dishwasher safe.

Always use separate utensils for different types of food, and never use the same ones for uncooked and cooked foods. For example, keep one set for raw meat and one set for grilled meat. It’s worth equipping yourself with some digital probe thermometers designed for cooking (use one for meat, another for fish, etc.). Check the temperature of each piece of food in several places for peace of mind. A BBQ thermometer is another great asset.

You can make life easier for yourself by making a note of the specific internal temperature the various cuts of meat and other items you intend to grill need to reach, as well as their recommended cooking times, in advance of your BBQ party.

Serve Your Mouth-Watering Meal in Style

While the grilled goodies will naturally be the focus of attention, your loved ones are sure to appreciate tasty side dishes and garnishes too. Creamy potato salad, tangy coleslaw, herby sweet potato wedges, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, crisp iceberg lettuce leaves – they’re all brilliant BBQ companions. Our vibrant couscous salad is as delightful as the season.

Showcase your salad-prepping skills with the generously sized Bistro Salad Bowl. Practical and lightweight, it’s ideal for outdoor entertaining. Our New York Large Picnic Plates make stylish serving platters.

Don’t forget condiments, sauces and dips! Pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, hummus, guacamole and, of course, BBQ sauce are just some of the options available.

Paper plates tend to be too flimsy for barbecued food, and single-use cutlery hardly performs better. Thankfully, you can rely on the reusable Small Picnic Plates, Small Salad Bowls and Cutlery Set from our chic New York collection. They’ll help you to make taste, not waste.

BBQ Essentials for a Stylish Summer

For an even more stylish barbecue experience, why not check out our full outdoor dining range?

Wherever your travels take you and whatever fabulous dishes you serve, everyone at Bodum® hopes that you’ll soon be enjoying your best ever BBQ party.


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