Refresh Your Morning Routine for the New School Year

You’ve made the most of a relaxing summer vacation, but now autumn is approaching and your thoughts are turning towards success with your studies or job.
Establishing a morning routine that’s easy to follow and enjoyable will make your whole day run more smoothly. It’ll also help you to beat the back-to-school or back-to-work blues, and lift your spirits.

Here are our top tips for making mornings work for you.

For the Best Start, Brew the Best Coffee


After all the lie-ins you enjoyed over the summer, you might now find that waking up when your alarm clock tells you to is a bit of a challenge.

To help you feel more alert, ready for lectures, seminars or meetings, we recommend brewing delicious slow coffee. There are plenty of expertly designed Bodum® coffee makers to choose from. Our classic Chambord®French Press provides the perfect introduction to the slow coffee lifestyle. It’s easy to use, looks supremely stylish in the kitchen and is trusted by millions of coffee lovers worldwide.

Slow coffee takes just four minutes to brew, so it can be prepared on even the busiest morning. The internationally renowned French press system is simplicity itself: add ground beans and hot water to the carafe, lower the plunger and enjoy! To help you get started or refine your skills, check out our step-by-step guide to making the best coffee with the Chambord® French Press.

French press coffee is a rich, smooth beverage, enhanced with the beans’ natural oils and flavour compounds – it’s bound to make you feel reinvigorated. That’s particularly helpful when you or any students in your family are adjusting to the new academic year. Take a sip of slow coffee and suddenly you’re ready to face the day.


Step by Step

Enjoy the Day’s Most Important Meal

Eat a healthy breakfast as part of your daily routine and you’ll reap the rewards. Widely regarded as the most important meal of the day, breakfast gives you the energy you need to make inroads in your schedule and stay focused till lunchtime.

With our handy Bistro Bread Box (its lid doubles as a cutting board), sleek Yohki Storage Jars (perfect for cereal or dried fruit), Douro Porcelain Bowls (durable yet luxurious) and related items, everything you need for a brilliant breakfast time will be at your fingertips.

Why not transform your breakfasts with our simple, nutritious chia pudding recipe? It’s amazingly versatile and the perfect partner for coffee. Leave the pudding in your fridge overnight, and it’ll be ready when you wake up. It’s ideal if you and your family or flatmates are going on a health kick after an indulgent summer.

Choose Time-Saving Kitchenware

When you need to rush out to get to your first class, catch a train or tackle the school run with your kids, scaling a mountain of washing-up isn’t an option.

That’s why so many of our attractive, practical kitchenware items, from the Bistro Double Wall Thermo-Glass Mugs to the Basic Non-Stick Frying Pan, are dishwasher safe. They’ll help you to save precious time each morning.

Imagine you’ve just enjoyed a satisfying cup of joe from one of our Chambord®French Presses, for instance. For easy cleaning, simply scoop out the used coffee grounds with a rubber or silicone spatula before rinsing the carafe and safety lid (to which the plunger and reusable stainless steel filter are attached). The carafe and lid can then be placed in the dishwasher. (We don’t suggest putting the carafe’s protective framework in there too. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth, if necessary.)

Our coffee makers don’t require wasteful, single-use capsules, pods or paper filters. So you can rest assured that you’re protecting the environment while sipping your morning coffee.

Top tip: Did you know that used coffee grounds are an excellent plant fertiliser? They contain potassium, calcium, nitrogen and other key substances for plant growth. Work them into the soil – and watch your plants thrive!

Take Superb Coffee on the Move

Thanks to the innovative Bodum®Travel Presses and Travel Mugs, you can head out with a delicious cup of homemade coffee in your hand. You won’t need to waste time queuing for takeaway beverages, and you can wave goodbye to flimsy, single-use paper cups. That’s good news for you and the planet, and it means that your commute or trip to the college library can be as pleasant as possible.

Each insulating Travel Press and Travel Mug is specially designed to keep drinks at their perfect temperature for longer, while being comfortable to carry and sip from.

Ensuring that you’re well hydrated is vital when you want to support your physical and mental performance, so why not take a Bistro Water Bottle with you too? These brilliant bottles are lightweight and spill-proof. Available in exclusive colours, they’ll appeal to the style-conscious kids and teens in your family too.


Make Everyday Life More Enjoyable

We’d love to hear how our products are helping you to return to work or education in style. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Bodum®Facebook page, where you’ll find lots of ideas to help you make everyday life more enjoyable.

Finally, for inspiring school and office stationery, visit our sister brand, Ordning & Reda®.

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