Make Taste, Not Waste, This Summer with Outstanding Outdoor Drinkware

Summer’s arrival means that it’s time to head outside and bask in the sunshine! There’s so much to look forward to, from glamorous wedding receptions to quiet days in the park.


Whatever outdoor events you’re planning, and whether you’ll be sipping water or champagne, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to leave a mountain of single-use cups and glasses behind, especially if you’re aiming to adopt more environmentally friendly habits.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far for sustainable ways to serve and enjoy your favourite beverages. We have an array of beautiful, durable outdoor drinkware, including new items for summer 2019, that you’ll want to use again and again.

Step by Step

Enjoy Everyday Elegance on a Sunny Afternoon

Perhaps you’re making the most of the great weather by picnicking at a nature reserve, taking the kids on a camping trip or hosting a tropical-themed BBQ. Summer is the perfect time for informal social gatherings and getaways, and our eye-catching range of Pavina® Outdoor Double Wall Tumblers is the perfect choice of drinkware for sunny afternoons.

The transparent tumblers are both stylish and practical. They look as good as glass but are actually made of superb shatter-resistant plastic, so you don’t need to worry about breakages even if you drop them on your patio. Plus our innovative, sustainable production method ensures that each tumbler is made as one complete piece without seams, so it’s leak-proof.

The distinctive double wall design is invaluable in hot weather. It creates a protective layer of insulation to keep your delicious chilled drinks at their optimum temperature for longer. It also prevents slippery condensation from appearing on the tumblers’ exterior.

The set of two small tumblers is ideal for romantic drinks on the terrace, while the six-piece set of medium tumblers will come in handy for family days out.

Flimsy, wasteful, single-use plastic or paper cups are far from ideal when you’re pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Try our robust, dishwasher-safe, reusable tumblers instead to boost your commitment to sustainability while having fun in the sun.


Beat the Heat When You’re On the Move

Staying well hydrated is never more of a priority than when temperatures soar, especially if you like being active outdoors. Not drinking enough water (whether on its own or in other beverages) can impair your physical and mental performance, especially in the summer.

Thankfully, you can beat the heat with our expertly designed, reusable Bistro water bottles. Their generous size means they can hold enough liquid to quench any thirst. In addition, the bottles fit into most cars’ and bikes’ drinks holders, so they’re convenient on the move.

The Bistro Single Wall Water Bottle is a durable yet chic summer essential. The slimline shape, convenient carry strap and spill-proof cap make the bottle easy to hold and drink from, even if you’re out jogging. It’s BPA-free to give you peace of mind.

When you want an extra cold beverage (in a heatwave, for example), the Bistro Double Wall Water Bottle is ideal. Fill it with ice and water or cold brew coffee, say, and you’ll find that it keeps your drink chilled for longer than ordinary drinkware can. The BPA-free Tritan™ plastic body is exceptionally robust, while the locking clip keeps the top clean and secure.

Take a Bistro water bottle with you whenever you head out to increase your fluid intake and decrease waste – you won’t need single-use bottles, cans or cartons. What makes our winning water bottles even more special is that they’re among the items available in the Bodum® 75th anniversary colours: banana, strawberry, pistachio and blue moon. Fantastic!


Drink a Toast to the Wonders of Summer

Here’s a tip for a sophisticated garden party or pool party: treat your guests to champagne or cocktails at sunset. Together you can drink a toast to the wonders of the season.

Why not serve your drinks in our supremely shatterproof, environmentally friendly Oktett glasses? They’re eminently suited to chic outdoor events, as they possess the clarity of glassware without its fragility. Made of stunning, high-quality plastic, these safe, specially designed glasses won’t crack, shatter, break, cloud or discolour. They’re dishwasher safe and, to chill them rapidly, you can even place them in the freezer.

Each glass is created with a particular drink in mind and combines classic shapes with contemporary style. There’s the Oktett Champagne Coupe Glass (also known as a champagne saucer), which is ideal for your best bubbly and cocktails served without ice. The Martini Glass makes an excellent companion for our equally stylish Melior® Vodka & Dry Martini Set, while the versatile Margarita Glass works well with vibrant cocktails served with ice.

Whichever style of glass you prefer, our natural, sustainable Cork Tray is the perfect platform to showcase your creations.

A major benefit of the Oktett range is that when a glass reaches the end of its long life, it can be recycled: proof positive that sophistication and sustainability go hand in hand.


Everything You Need for Outdoor Entertaining

The delightful Bodum® outdoor dining collection, which encompasses attractive, durable drinkware and much more, is perfect for summertime.

However, you plan to spend each sunny day, you can rely on our products to help you live stylishly and sustainably.

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