Create an Elegant Easter Table Setting with These Inspiring Tips

Easter Sunday is undoubtedly one of the most uplifting special occasions for many religious and non-religious families. With nature in full bloom, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate springtime, new life, the spirit of renewal and the close bonds you share with loved ones, young and old.


Across Scandinavia, the Easter holiday is greeted with particular enthusiasm, as it marks the end of the long, harsh winter. What better way for relatives to welcome the arrival of warmer, brighter days than by enjoying a leisurely Easter lunch together? Smoked salmon, crab salad, Danish salami, roast lamb, tender asparagus, artisan bread and speciality cheeses are all likely to be on the menu. You really work up an appetite during an Easter egg hunt, after all!

It’s not unusual for a Scandinavian Easter meal to last for a few hours, so a great deal of thought goes into laying the table and ensuring that guests dine in comfort and style. In this guide to creating an elegant Easter table setting, we’ve drawn on our Scandinavian heritage (the Bodum® story began in Denmark) to inspire you.

Step by Step

A Fresh Start Calls for a Fresh Look

Spring is all about new beginnings – a fresh, white tablecloth or table runner will not only provide the perfect blank canvas for your Easter décor but also suggest that your special family lunch represents the beginning of a wonderful new chapter. 

Black and white is a popular colour scheme in Scandinavian homes, as it’s striking and stylish. Our striped Basic Monochrome Napkins will add visual interest to your table setting. Continue this bold theme by contrasting pristine white porcelain crockery (the Douro Dinner Plates and Provence Salad Bowl are shining examples) with the black Barcelona Cutlery Set.

Perhaps you’d prefer a more calming look; if so, add grey items to the mix. Our Basic Grey Napkins with White Flags are attractive, as is our practical Twin Salt and Pepper Grinder.

Let Nature Take Centre Stage

Using white, black and grey for the basic elements of your table setting, as well as selecting Scandinavian-inspired designs with simple, clean lines, is ideal at Easter. Why? Because this approach lets your mouth-watering meal and seasonal table decorations take centre stage.

Nature is stunning at this time of year, so you’ll want to make the most of it with your Easter table centrepiece. Thankfully, it’s easy to create a gorgeous display. Artfully arrange a few small, budding branches in a large glass vase or pitcher. For a rustic touch, hang decorated hens’ eggs from your Easter ‘tree’ (you can create attractive patterns on the shells with paint, food dye or ribbons). For a sophisticated look, use egg-shaped ornaments instead. A delightful Swedish tradition involves decorating the branches with feathers.

Small vases of spring flowers provide brilliant bursts of colour. In Scandinavian countries, yellow is closely associated with Easter, so bunches of daffodils are a popular choice. Tulips, hyacinths and lilacs (which symbolise renewal) work well too. Wind herbs around cutlery handles to make guests feel as if they’re dining in an enchanted forest!

Another way to introduce accent colours is to look for cheerful placemats. Our Turquoise Placemat is as vibrant as a vase of blooms and has an appealing, woven-effect texture.

High-Quality Materials Make All the Difference

For many people, Easter lunch is a hugely significant meal, so it’s crucial that your cookware is as impressive as your table decorations. If you have grand plans for a delicious family feast and want to showcase your culinary creations, you’re sure to find our Hot Pot Set – a trio of superb, casserole-style glass dishes with heat-resistant cork stands – invaluable. Our Basics Oval Trivet, also made of cork, will protect your tabletop and other surfaces from hot pans.

High-quality materials can make all the difference when preparing, serving or enjoying a family meal. Scandinavian table settings frequently feature beautiful, carefully crafted glass, wood, porcelain and cork items for the simple reason that they enhance people’s enjoyment of eating and drinking. For example, pouring wine from our Melior® Decanter into eye-catching Pavina Double Wall Glasses is a real pleasure.

Add Playful, Whimsical Touches

To help ensure that the atmosphere at your Easter lunch is as light and bright as the season, complete your table setting with whimsical flourishes. You could make little birds’ nests from thin, pliable twigs, add mini chocolate eggs in colourful wrappers and display one by each guest’s place. Our quirky Bistro Napkin Ring Set brings another playful touch to the table.

Adopt the Danish Easter tradition of sending anonymous ‘fool’s letters’ (known in Denmark as ‘gækkebreve’) and you’ll keep your loved ones amused all afternoon. Before the meal, in private, each person cuts a pretty shape out of paper and writes a poem containing clues to his/her identity on it. The poem is signed with a dot for every letter in the sender’s name. If the recipient can’t guess who wrote the poem, the sender wins a chocolate egg.

How’s that for an Easter egg-xtravaganza!

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