Eco-Friendly Travel Tips for Your Summer Holiday

You’ve worked hard for months and put up with more than your fair share of grey days, but at last the sun’s shining and your eagerly awaited summer holiday is here!


Whether you’ll be staying at a luxury hotel or modest campsite, you can continue to live sustainably, looking after the planet and its resources. A little help from the team here at Bodum® is all you need.

Let’s explore some of the simple yet effective steps you can take to make travelling and going on vacation more eco-friendly. Bon voyage!

Step by Step
Swap Single-Use Drinkware for Reusable Travel Mugs

Wherever this summer takes you, you can easily enjoy your favourite drinks on the move. Our innovative, insulating Travel Mugs and Presses are designed to keep hot and cold beverages at their perfect temperature for longer, just like the double wall glasses in your kitchen.

Each travel mug or press is built to last, with a durable body, secure lid and easy-to-grip silicone sleeve. What’s more, the mugs and presses are all reusable, so you can say goodbye to flimsy, single-use cups and embrace greener options instead. 

Another advantage of taking a travel press on your travels is that it’s a stylish, sustainable way to brew and enjoy delicious French press coffee. Thanks to the permanent filter, there’s no unnecessary waste, which is good news for you and the environment.


Pack a Coffee Maker for Simple, Sustainable Brewing

When you arrive at your holiday accommodation, you might be feeling tired after a long journey. Simply reach for your Bodum®coffee maker and within minutes you’ll be enjoying a superb, reinvigorating drink. Brewing coffee is also a wonderful way to get each day of your holiday off to a great start.

Make taste, not waste– that’s our motto, and it’s exemplified by our stylish manual coffee makers. Whether you favour the French press, pour over, coffee dripper or vacuum/siphon brewing method, you’ll be able to make satisfying slow coffee at home and away. What’s more, you can do so without worrying about your impact on the environment, because our coffee makers don’t require wasteful paper filters or capsules. Good beans, hot water, a carafe and a permanent filter are all you need to brew the best coffee.

If you find space is limited when you’re packing to go on vacation, a compact option such as the classic Chambord®3 Cup French Press Coffee Maker can be invaluable. To further boost your eco-friendly credentials, it’s available with a natural, sustainable cork lid.

What if you’ll be sleeping under the stars on a camping holiday, far away from electric kettles, plugs and sockets? The eye-catching Mocca Vacuum Coffee Maker is ideal for adventures in the great outdoors, as it’s powered by a gas burner. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking to reduce your electricity consumption. 


Make Taste, Not Waste with Chilled Drinks Too 

When temperatures soar, one of the most pleasant ways to drink coffee is as a chilled beverage. Why not create your own cold brew this summer, using the Bodum®Bean Coffee Maker? Its 12-cup capacity is generous enough to quench any thirst!

Another delightful summertime drink is, of course, iced tea. Named after the famous Sri Lankan variety, our chic Ceylon Iced Tea Jug is a summer holiday essential. It’s also perfect for parties – imagine serving sangria, complete with plenty of juicy fruit slices, in it.

Homemade chilled drinks are a step in the right direction when you want to develop greener habits. They’re more sustainable than shop-bought alternatives in single-use packaging. Plus, you don’t need single-use paper filters, capsules or even tea bags.


Stay Hydrated in the Sun without Disposable Bottles

Whether you’re planning to hit the beach or go exploring, it’s vital to stay hydrated. In fact, scientific research shows that not drinking enough water adversely affects your physical and mental health.

Disposable water bottles are a nuisance to the natural world, so they’re unlikely to appeal to anyone who’s trying to live sustainably. Thankfully, there’s a more eco-friendly alternative. Brand new for this summer are our Bistro Water Bottles, available in the special pastel shades (strawberry, banana, blue moon and pistachio) released to celebrate the 75thanniversary of the Bodum®brand.

Durable and reusable, the water bottles are as practical as they are attractive. Specially shaped to make them easy to hold, they each feature a spill-proof lid and handy strap. Carry one with you, keep it in your car or put it in your bike’s bottle holder for hydration on the move.


More Tips for Stylish, Sustainable Summer Living

We’d love to hear how our products help you to make taste, not waste this summer. You’re welcome to share your insights on the Bodum®Instagram or Facebook page, where you’ll find lots more ideas to help you live stylishly and sustainably.

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