Coffee’s Health Benefits: Why Your Favourite Drink Is Good for You

Coffee’s Health Benefits: Why Your Favourite Drink Is Good for You

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll know all about this satisfying drink’s rich flavour and aroma – but did you also know that every cup can have a positive effect on your wellbeing?
Drinking coffee is linked to improvements in both physical and mental health. As coffee experts committed to helping you brew delicious coffee at home, that’s music to our ears!


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Seven Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Health

  1. Contains Powerful Antioxidants

    If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you probably incorporate antioxidant-rich foods, such as blueberries, into your diet. Antioxidants are crucial: they help to protect cells against damage.
    Coffee beans are a fantastic source of these super cell-protectors too. What’s more, roasting leads to even higher levels of antioxidants. If blueberries are a superfood, coffee is surely a ‘super-drink’!
    Adults typically consume fewer servings of superfoods than coffee. As a result, ‘coffee is the single biggest dietary source of antioxidants’ for many of us, Healthline emphasises.
    Top tip: To help preserve the antioxidants, choose whole coffee beans, such as our delightful Pavina Medium Roast, and grind them just before use. Our Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder crushes rather than slices to give you the best flavour.

  2. Provides Essential Nutrients

    Coffee is a great source of Vitamin B2 and also helps you to increase the amount of Vitamin B5 in your diet. Both vitamins play a key role in maintaining your energy levels.
    Also present in coffee are the essential minerals manganese (which supports healthy metabolic processes), potassium (for normal muscle and nerve function) and magnesium (it contributes to healthy muscles and nerves too).
    On a related note, coffee has the advantage of being very low in calories (it contains approximately one calorie per small cup) and is free of saturated fat.
    Top tip: You can avoid adding lots of sugar and fat to your coffee by drinking it black or crowning it with just a little foam from our compact Chambord® Milk Frother.

  3. Makes You More Alert

    Why is coffee so reinvigorating? The answer is because it contains caffeine, a natural substance that excels at stimulating your brain and nervous system, helping to reduce tiredness and make you feel ‘on the ball’.
    A scientific study published in 2016 found that people’s ‘alertness, vigilance, attention [and] reaction time’ are all improved by consuming caffeine.
    Top tip: Brewing coffee paves the way for a productive day. Our Chambord® French Press Coffee Makers are stylish and simple to use – you’ll be sipping a hot drink in minutes!

  4. Helps to Keep Your Mind Sharp

    Coffee may support crucial mental processes (thinking, remembering, making decisions, etc.), helping you to keep your mind sharp. Caffeine is the key – scientists believe that it has a significant part to play in keeping lines of communication open between nerve cells.
    In the battle against age-related mental decline, ‘decades of research suggest that specific approaches including the consumption of coffee may be effective’, a scientific study remarked in 2014.
    Top tip: To ensure that as much of the beans’ natural goodness reaches your cup as possible, our Pour Over and other superb coffee makers feature permanent filters. They’re preferable to throwaway paper ones, which rob you of coffee’s precious oils.

  5. Guards Against Type 2 Diabetes

    People with Type 2 diabetes have become resistant to insulin, the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. The condition is often linked to eating sugary food and getting little exercise.
    Caffeine can protect insulin-producing cells, while another component of coffee, chlorogenic acid, may help to decrease blood sugar levels. As a scientific study observed in 2016, coffee drinkers are regarded as having a ‘reduced risk’ of suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
    Top tip: Encourage loved ones to drink coffee instead of sugary soft drinks with our attractive Bistro Mug Tree Set. The double-walled mugs keep coffee at its optimum temperature for longer.

  6. Enhances Your Workouts

    If you love playing sport or visiting the gym, you’ll be pleased to hear that caffeine can help you to exercise more effectively. It prompts your body to turn fat into energy and boosts your adrenaline levels to help you cope with physical exertion.
    Top tip: Fill one of our high-performance Travel Mugs with coffee to help fuel your performance when you’re on the go.

  7. Lifts Your Mood

    Your cup of joe certainly has the feel-good factor! Caffeine encourages a number of important chemical messengers to be more active. They include dopamine, which is connected to feelings of enjoyment.
    Top tip: Coffee is never more enjoyable than when it’s brewed with the gravity-defying magic of our ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker! It transforms a daily ritual into an entertaining experience.


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